April 5th- Seattle (post #3)

I have always been OBSESSED with Seattle. When I was a clueless teen, much like how I’m a clueless adult (except my face was fatter and I knew just a little less (just a little)), I used to lie in bed and dream about how WILD and CRAZY Seattle was!!! Like Haight Ashbury in the 60’s but for cool gen X’ers in the 90’s that saw cool shows every night, did shots at the bar with Layne Staley, drank coffee wearing cool hats and lived in a city where wicked grunge music was flowing out every window. Well our show last night did NOT dissapoint. First person who showed up: Ed Ved from PJ. Then Tad showed up with the 2 large brothers from the Screaming Trees. Jeff Ament showed up with his bass in a fucking GIG BAG over his shoulder! It’s like he KNEW we wanted to jam with him! We played our set and it felt pretty good. I could sense that because people clapped at the end of the songs. For the last song we called up Seattle’s heavy grunge hitters to join us for a cover of “Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World” by Neil Young, the godfather of grunge. There was a tense moment when Kim Thayil and I took the solo at the same time. I could sense his anger so I backed off. Other than that moment, the night was a success! Definitely excited to tell Les Claypool all about it when we get back to the bay. Wish he coulda been there……

Allyson “Chains” Baker

…also, we all threw back some horse into our necks for the first time. It was fun! – Flim Flam Flermz









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