Salt Lake City (post #5)

Last night we rolled into Salt Lake City for what may have been my favorite show thus far. It was probably the youngest crowd I’ve ever seen watch us. Lots of braces, acne, awkward pants and enthusiasm for guitar playing. IE: my kinda crowd!!!! After the show wrapped up (10:30pm) we two-stepped it to the nearest semi-depressing hotel bar called “Lofte’s” Inside we found an empty restaurant with one patron at the bar and the bartender, who’s name tag read “Shayne”. Shayne sensed that we were down and immediately put on obscure reggae and dub jams to get the party started!!! We knew the party was gonna get crayzay as soon as Shayne busted out the mechanical shot measuring device as he poured our drinks! We had a blast. We talked about highways, highway driving, the best highways to drive on and reggae. Shayne also hooked us up with some free chips n’ salsa which Erin and I tazzed* through. About 3 measured shots later we bid farewell to Shayne and the patron at the bar who was on the phone most of the night with his sketched out girlfriend trying to convince her that he wasn’t talking to any other girls on the phone that night but merely playing “words with friends”.

*To “tazz” is to intensely blast through something with the speed/aggression and force of the Tasmanian Devil. Mainly applies to eating.

-Allyson Baker20120410-143353.jpg






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