Denver, CO (tour entry #6!!!¡¡¡)

Holy Farka Toure! Denver RULED! Actually the ‘burb of ENGLEWOOD ruled. We played at Moe’s BBQ which is a bowling alley slash BBQ joint slash sweet ass venue! We got there nice and early where we were able to cash in on the hot trivia action of ‘geeks who drink’! We named our team ‘Awful Bros’ after the Teen Crud song of the same title… Also indicative of our scores… Our team came in 10th out of the 13 teams… 😐
Moving on, we were treated to the most delicious foods! Fried pickles & BBQ… Ben & I got the BBQ tofu sandwich cause we’re hippies (was amazing!) and Al went for the BBQ turkey cause she’s a also a turkey. All of us were rendered smilefull by these meals & Moe’s’ hospitality.
Our show was really great, super nice crowd & other bands we played with (Hearts in Space & Life in a Glass House). Ben was mega-impressed with the pre show Jameson shot delivery from Danny the promoter. We almost went bowling but did not when we realized there would have to be shoe renting (lazy crew we are). But I got some sweet snaps of the cute bowling balls cause I’ve learned a lot about instagram™ lately.
Highlight for Allyson (a known un-intellectual) was getting one answer right in the trivia (the answer was ‘House of Deréon’ in a Beyoncé related pea brain question).

Anyways, we had to drive to Limon, CO to get a head start on today’s drive. It was really cool cause we stayed at a Knights Inn that had no drainage in the bathtub or sink (fun with water… For three!). We also sweetly woke up to an insanely loud mattress delivery… A hallway filled with old, dirty, stained mattresses being replaced with ‘new’ shoddy mattresses… We considered asking for $20 from the front desk to go towards our imminent bed bugs meds purchases but opted to RUN TO OUR VAN AND JUST FACKING LEAVE!

Which brings us to NOW. We’re driving east on the 70, playing Lawrence KS tonight at the Replay Lounge… Ben lived there for nine years so we’re ready to get into some old timey Ben stories!

– Classic McBBQuermz

(here’s some pix!)












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