Lawrence, KS – COOL TOUR BLOG POST #7 (the posi-vibes entry!)

What’s up ya Meat-Rubbers?!?!?!
Have you ever been to Lawrence Kansas? Well, Allyson and I got the Tuttle-y extended remix tour o’ the town from our drummer Ben Tuttle last night! Ya see, Tuttle spent nine or so formative years in Lawrence, skating, playing drums along to Rush tapes, not doing sex, schooling, working at Connex ™ – a teleconferencing conglomerate ®, learning bachelor skills, having minimal to no romantic explosions, doing sound at the Bottleneck & the Jazzhaus (home of the best musicians on planet EARTH!), eating nutritional yeast in nü & innovative recipes, plus building a sweet ass skate park!

We got into town and went straight to the skate park he designed, the Lawrence Sk8ZZZZONE!
Next stop, the food co-op situated nicely across the street from Biemer’s BBQ (who are still short staffed on ‘meat rubbers’ …///)

We stocked up on some supremely unnecessary tour snacks making our van snack bag count clock in at about 12 (the BIG BAGS… ) so that was good.
We hit some of Ben’s local faves, the Bourgeois Pig (coffee), the Eighth Street Taproom (brewskis), The Orient (Vietnamese food), & the Love Garden (awesome record store!!).

We got to the Replay Lounge (an awesome pinball themed venue!) around 8pm. We played with Black on Black (their first gig) who gave us a stage shout out about our recent tweet storms! (#yay #@dirtyghosts #@classicbarmusic #@tenderbubbles #hashtags #parentheses)(!!)!!
We met some of Ben’s old besties, two of whom we stayed with, Steve & Bridgette. Steve regaled us with tales of his irritation towards Ben re Ben’s annoying vegan diet, and Allyson & I hit the sack listening to the sounds of loud bong bubbles being inhaled at a pace her & I reserve only for food! (… & vodka) (!!!!¡! cool use of parentheses in today’s post!!¡!!!)
We met their two terrier mix rescue dogs Wally & Rufus who greeted us with insane human like howling, but who we ultimately won over (by sneakily feeding them Ben’s hippy Vietnamese leftovers).
Anyways, it was a great stop in a fun town & I enjoyed hearing tales of Ben’s past, and the only time he has ever ‘snapped’ (Steve played the beginning
‘One, two, three, four’ part of Outkast’s ‘Hey Ya’ on repeat a FEW too many times so Ben took a baseball bat to Steve’s closet… Chill dude!)

Now we’re en route to Chicago. Just passed the Mississippi River and should arrive scruffily at the Empty Bottle in our jogging & yoga pants promptly around 8pm!
Anyways, we’ll be back to Lawrence as soon as we can, and we’ll definitely blog you up with an update on the meat rubbers’ quest at Biemer’s.










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