CHICAGZ! Blarg Entry #8 (c: theme: BLOGGERS!!!

Woah woah woah, stop the clock ®! Our Chicago show last night may have been the best of this tour so far! We played the Empty Bottle, a historic club I’ve heard about for years but even though I’m so worldly, you’ll never believe it but can you believe it?!?!? I HAD NEVER BEEN THERE UNTIL LAST NIGHT!!!
Paul the production manager was super nice & accommodating, even helping us in with our gear (major bonus cause we lazy). Magic City & Sleepy Kitty opened and were super cool & nice. We had some SUPER sweet, tight pals make the scene which amped up our posi-vibes quite a few notches!
First crew that showed up was the SYFFAL (Seriously You’re Fully Fucking Annoyingly Lesbian) blog guys… BLOG FACKING BARBARY COASTIN’ PIONEERS!
Joel & his buddies gave us a warm welcome and more importantly gave me props on my skilled blogging techniques (barely trying!!!) but this new blog attention is my new and most current source of self worth and I’m sure will be lining my yoga pants non-pockets with big buck$ soon so I’m gonna keep flowin widdit!!

Anyways, my old pal Christen Carter showed up which was super cool of her PLUS we got to stay at her amazingly styled out apartment where there’s a life size cutout of the talented rager Harry m’boy Nilsson! So that was a cool thing that happened.
Local artist & cab drivin blogger Dmitry Samarov popped in for our set which was beyond cool cause I’m a big fan of his art (he even did a little sketch of our set… #yay!). He does a cool cab driving blahhg where he tells his tales of cab driving around Chicago & sketches them (it’s called Hack… czech it owt!)

Our set was pretty fun, really nice stage & great sound guy named Crash. Allyson nailed EVERY solo with the virtuosity of my own bass slapping! Even though she dumb, she sure know how do guitar. Ben twirled his flaming drum sticks mid song and launched them across the room hitting our stunt guy covered in gasoline perfectly in the neck resulting in a climactic end to our only acoustic ballad… (c:

Post set Joel from the blog sat Allyson down and schooled her on the evils of Splenda, when to take her probiotics & vitamins… Provitamins = empty stomach (AS IF!) & vitamins = full stomach (that’s more like it!), and begged her to solo directly to his face next time, instead of lesbianly serenading me like a Nashville Pussy member! Will she listen…??!?!..???!!¿!?¡!!!!?..??? We shall see!

Afterwards Bakes was ready to get her drank on & Ben was ready to get his zzzz’s on. So Flakes & I caught a cab with a nice couple who was at the show and offered to split the fare with us. We were whisked across town where we met up with some of her old friends, had a couple of vodka sodies & gabs, and we’re left drunk & hungry on the mean streets of Chicago town.
So as is tradition, we crossed the street and POUNDED some eats at Wrigleysville Dogs! Zakerz got a gyro, moi, the super nacho cheesed out fries!!
Then we hailed a cab and drove endlessly to Christen’s pad in Palmer Square… By endlessly I mean we were dropped off at the wrong address, a ten minute walk away… 😐
We hailed another cab and got a bit closer, got our bearings and located sleeping place. We got in and immediately had to run outside as we were laughing our balls off upon seeing Ben shirtless and only half in his sleeping bag in a Jesus Christ Pose © snoring his life away and (probably) dreaming of playing on stage in front of Dave Grohl.
We tried to get all our yuks out on the front porch, but when confronted with said imagery for a second time they naturally came back! Once we find pjs we go bed & zzzz all night cause we tired.
Woke up late this morn, met Harry Nilsson in da kitchen, and picked up THREE bags o kewl beanz at Intelligentsia and an OBESELY obscene amount of food at the Chicago Diner; users of nutritional yeast.

Now we’re scurrying down the hghwy blasting Ministry’s ‘Just One Fix’ gettin pipyamped (that means really pumped, duh) for our sweet gig at the Lager House in Detroit! It’s Friday the 13th, spooky, cweepy, & scawwwwy!! What will blogworthy events will occur tonight?!!!! Let’s find out!!!

– Loser McBloggg












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