ENTRY NUMBA NOYNE! #9… Detroit/Tronno/Ottawa/MTL

Sorrrreeee Mama! It’s been a few days since we blogged!
Friday, we played the Lager House in Detroit. About that, playing fourth of four bands at 1am is sort of rough! But what’s rougher is the old man who insisted on critiquing us post show! I was told I “play bass like a girl”, which considering my gender, seems pretty reasonable! He went on to show me pictures of his bass collection on his cell phone, interjecting his phone over the nice folk buying merch. When Allyson came over he started playing her songs by his old band, The Romantics, also interrupting merch selling. The guy was brutal!* Anyways, The Woolly Boollies from Cleveland opened up, they were awesome, and Charlie Slick was cool too. There was definitely a bongo player in the 3rd band, & it was his bday so we dedicated our shortened set to him when we blasted onto the stage at 1:05am.
Did the border in Windsor after the show… So that was Detroit in a bongo nutshell.
*we wikied the Romantics bass player on our drive to Toronto… He left the band in 1982, a cool thirty years ago (not depressing!)!

Toronto was a tight ass homecoming! We popped by our buddy Katie Whitaker’s new bar in Kensington, ‘Thirsty & Miserable’ which just opened… It’s pretty great! Little punk rock hole in the wall featuring brewskis from around the planet, but with a nice selection of Ontario & Quebec brews.
We played at the legendary Silver Dollar Room and our pal Sian’s band The Sphinxes opened up the show, who were great… Allyson’s pals Stuart & Kieran played in the support band the Two Koreas and they put on an awesome show! Super fun to see old pals & have some overdue old timey bro downs. Classic Bar Comedy recording artist NICK FLANAGAN did us the honor of mc-ing the night & performing his punny brand of comical yuks… It was pun! Might have been almost as good as a Zoo Bombs show judging from the crowd’s enthusiasm!

We went back to Allyson’s folks’ pad and fully fucking INHUMANELY wolfed down a crazy spread of snacks that left ALL of us a bit disturbed with our behaviours, manners & life choices (see photo).
Allyson snuggled with Stolie, her parents’ golden retriever and all was well with the woyld!
Up next, Ottawa Sunday night at the Dominion Tavern! I’m from Ottawa and have spent many an hour in the Dom. I’ve seen some great shows there over the years too, so I was b’yawnd pipyamped to finally play there! Ottawa was probably up there with one of our best shows of tour, we sold hell of merch and my entire family represented! My buddy’s Ryan Hough & Luke’s bands opened – Books on Books & Boyhood – supreme sets for both of em. Ryan played his bitchin’ flaming Squier Stratocaster that you’ll all remember from his successful high school rocknroll outfit ‘Cliff Claven & the Mailmen’!
This show took us to our much needed DAY OFF. The day off consisted of sleeping, zzzing, snoring, dreaming, nightmaring, worrying about taking a blog-break, and sleeping! We went for a nice jaunt with the dogs through my Dad’s neighborhood of Westboro, got good coffee and gabbed up a storm. There were multiple trips to the Super Store, and the overeating continued, as is tradition.
Seventeen pounds heavier, we got in the van yesterday and shampooed it over to Montreal. Our buddies Jeremy & Jen put us up and took us out for a nice dinner, and then we headed to the venue, Jacky & Judy’s. We were greeted by Noah the production fella, who took great care of us. The club itself was pretty great, nice bar and very cool show space. Our sound lady Eve was perhaps my fave of our tour so far!
My Dad & his girlfriend came and brought a nice crew of pals to fill up the room. We had perhaps our strongest encore requests of the tour, which has gotten us discussing learning either RHCP’s ‘Breaking the Girl’ or ‘Axel F’ by Harold Faltermeyer as an encore closer… We’ll let you, the ‘fans’, decide for us in the blog comment section below!
Jeremy took us over to his neighbourhood bar Sparrow for a wee bit of post show ragery!
Al’s old buddy Danny Marks & his crew came along and we enjoyed the classy mixology liquids that we were served!
We ended up back at Jer’s crib around 2:30am and introduced him to the EVILS of Flamin Hot Cheetos®, an American delicacy that is rightfully illegal in Canada.
After that we hit the sack, red fingered & red lipped. I dreamt I was married to Chester Cheetoh© and that my life was b’yawnd KEWL!
Then we awoke this morning to the worst disaster of tour so far… Someone STOLE Allyson’s huge vitamin sac! This wasn’t cool!!!!!!!!! Before filing a police report she found them where she wastedly put them last night, in her jean jacket (what an IDIOT!!!!!)
Now we’re back in the grand US of A, heading to the biggest of all apples, the big apple! Allyson has already gotten us pulled over by a NY State Trooper. We have a super cool ticket to commemorate that event with, and are now enjoying a beaut of a ride through Adirondack country!
We are discussing the Canadian ‘trying too hardness’ of bands like Platinum Blonde & the Rainbow Butt Monkeys (who later became Finger 11), getting jazzed about our Cake Shop gig with the Turbofruits tonight, and just generally SNACKING!
We have two exciting nights ahead in NYC, and you KNOW we just gotta blog it out!!
So fackin’ stay tewwwned!

Xo McCanada O’Dermzies

























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