NEW YORK and some kewl other joyntes (entry 10!!!!)

What up doe!!!! It’s that time again. Time to start your week off right with a peek into our shoddy lives on the road!

We played two shows in NY, the first being at Cake Shop in Manhattan which is a muffin store that has cool shows in the basement. Immediately upon arriving in New York we found the driving scary so we tried to blend in by driving like shit at a fast speed and yelling at each other. We pulled up and met our new “touring” buddies for the next two shows, Turbo Fruits.
Some good pals rolled through, Cathy Bauer, Ron Dulin, Tony Simon, Ryan Quigley, Esther Choi, Derrick Beckles, Pat Brown, my lil bro, his fiancé and a pile of other olde tymey bros. We had a great time and as soon as the last note of the Turbo Fruits set was played it was time to get down to business. Our drummer mysteriously disappeared in a puff of “smoke” so Erin and I two-stepped our lards down to Max Fish to get the party started right—- and quickly!!!! Severalages (several beverages) later that time of night kicked in where hungry or not, it was time to sniff out the nearest food joint and ANNIHILATE some fuckin ‘za in a very disgusting and unladylike fashion.
Brooklyn was the next night at a cool joint called “Death by Audio”. My brother got mad that I didn’t call him to come to the show which I didn’t think I needed to do (since he is my brother) so 20 mins before we get onstage I got an angry text from my mother in Toronto that read “You didn’t call your brother”. Then shortly after another one came in that said “he is really pissed” followed by “don’t tell him I told you this!” and then last but not least “u better make this right”. The use of the “u” in that text let me know she was serious. I felt conflicted. Should I fix my family problems right before we hit the stage to deliver a powerful set or should I risk BOTH my brother AND mother stewing for another 45 mins. I decided since I was already in the process of being cut out of the Baker family will over this incident, what’s another hour!!! We played a really fun set and the Turbo Fruits were great. I’ve seriously never seen so many dudes dancing to a band in my life. I quickly went outside to “make things right” with my brother. He accepted my apology which is good cause we have a musical project we have been working on for years that is as mindblowingly shitty as it is amazing. (Email for a sneak peek track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

After NYC we zombishly sleep-drove to a small ‘burb outside of Philly to record a kewl live set for Y-Not Radio. I was so tired that when the host asked me who my favorite vocalists are I think I somehow blurted out Dave Mustaine in my haze!!!! Srsly?!!??????

After 2 kewel shows in Philly and DC we made our way down to Winston Salem after I drove way past our highway exit causing a fun 1.5 hour detour (sorry guys!!!). We pulled up to our venue Krankies just in time and were greeted by old SF pals Anthony and Aimee. The show was great and the crowd was awesome. We had some drum problems onstage which Erin and I ignored through the first half of the set. Mid way through I sensed something was wrong because Ben started doing his patented “don’t worry guys everything’s fine!!!!” unsure laugh between songs. It progressively got worse and worse until Erin turned around and noticed that Ben had suddenly shapeshifted into Slim Jim Phantom and was playing standing up!! Frightened of becoming a confusing rockabilly act we suggested maybe skipping our last song but Ben was up for the challenge!!!!!!!!! We began our last song. One verse in it was over and before we said “Thank You! Goodnight!” Ben was already outside round back throwing his drums the garbage. All in all it was a great show with a totally cool ending that was unpredictable!!!! Those are the best kind!!!!!!!! (????????)
More soon!







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