NASHVILLE ALERT! Code Blue!! (entry #10!!!!!!!)

Quit yer bellyachin! The Blog is Bach!!!! We spent the last two days in the Grand Ol’ Ville of Nash! And it treated us righteously.
Our journey to Nashville began in the van with some easy morning listening to the respectable quality jams of Can and Amon Duul and 8 hours later degenerated into three of us aggressively and emotionally belting out every word to Alice in Chains “Dirt”. We were as equally stoked as we were super disturbed that ALL three of us knew all the words. A few miles outside of Nashville Erin began reading my mind and suggested we stop at Dairy Queen for a cone, which she pronounced “coawne”. (We as a band are really innovative with our language skills and are always trying to find new and excoiting ways to pronounce words!!!) We pulled over and skipped holding hands into Dairy Queen, while Ben, our vegan drummer, shredded the gnar (to obtain a zen state of mind) of the DQ parking scene. Erin and I went up to the counter and placed our orders. We soon realized that the DQ Artisinal Iced Creme Artiste© happened to speak our language due to her deep southern accent when she replied “here’s yer COAWNE!”
We pulled into Nashville and straight into our manager Ryan Quigley and his sweet ass GF Angela Kluttz’s awesome house. They made us feel extremely welcome by greeting us with an array of fine cheeses on a platter which we tazzed through, as is tradition. That night we felt the need to have a drink and infuse our clothing and hair with the smell of cigs, so we popped into the 3 Crow for a nightcap. A few drinks in we received a text from previously absent DG member Nick Andre that he had touched down in Nashville and would indeed be joining the tour!!!
The following morning we awoke fresh faced and ready to take on the day! Nick and Ben went on a man-mission to buy manly items like drum HARDWARE, DRUM rugs and grrrrrrrr DRUMS!!!!! They went looking for pawn shops to locate their items but wound up in the house of a guy named “Slim”. Not only did Slim sell them the rug off his floor but attempted an unsuccessful last minute up-sell of his vast collection of men’s ties.
As the day was winding down we headed to our venue for the night “The End” where we learned upon loading in that we had about 7 hours till show time. That only meant one thing: drive back to Ryans and put on pajamas immediately. Erin put on Game of Thrones on volume 1,000 while everyone avoided the TV room for the next 4 hours and before we knew it, it was time to head to the club to play our powerfully moving live set. Some ol Nasvhille buds Chet, Jemina, Melissa and John showed up which amped us up to the tits. We blasted through our set for the first time as a foursome on this tour and it was super fackin’ fun!
We woke up today to a rude realization that it had been 48 hours since we had eaten pizza so we furiously packed our shit and burned rubb down to Five Points Pizza, a sweet new joynte opened by buddy Tanner Jacobs. Many slices and millions of carbs and oil later we piled in the van and now we’re on our way to New Orleans. Till then blog buddiez!!!

Al-Layneston Staley








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