New Orleaaaaahhnzz! Post #11/onze

Hi! We played New Orleans last night! At Siberia! With White Hills & Sleepy Sun! We saw our great buddy King Louie Bankston who taught us the history of the Po’Boy and gave us an old timey tour of New Orleans at 3am… Twas pretty darn fun yet remained fairly classic!

MORE IMPORTANTLY, we had a night off the night before last and got a hotel just outside New Orleans, in Gretna, LA. Now this was a special night! Gonna tell you about it!!!!!
First thang’s first, we hit the hotel bar at our Quality Inn® at about 10pm. I ordered a ‘Beach Breeze’ which the bartender recommended as the BEST drink in da house… It consisted of Midori, Malibu, pineapple juice, cherries, kitchen sinks, Hypnotiq, orange slices, cubes, vodka, and to top it all off… A straw! Poyfect! Taste = sweet suntan lotion…(c: !
Allyson got two Marg Simpsons (margaritas), and the boys put back a couple o brews and some WHHHISKEY. Bar closed up around 11pm and Allyson was in rarified form looking to PARTAYYYY in the towne of Gretna, so we went in search for the closest bar. After much wandering in search for a sports bar, we came upon a loud brick building with a neon sign that said ‘Honey’s’. There was a cop outside, and upon first look, we thought it was a strip club. We almost didn’t enter as the music was BLASTING, terrible club techno rap and there was a sign that said ‘no exposed underwear’ (problematic for Al). She asked the door guy if there was another bar around and he said “there’s a Mexican bar up the road.” We turned around and were about to go find it but then the door guy said “You don’t want to go there!”… So we entered Honey’s!

It was ladies night which meant semi free drinks for me n Al, and free corn n crawfish for ALL!! We each rode the mechanical bull, bro’d down with some mega jocks, wrestled in the Everlast™ wrestling ring, watched our bartender do some booty dances on the bar and get spanked, and just generally get FACKED & blow off some steam! We did green mystery test tube shots and Nick found some dead baby crawfish pets that he carried around for the better part of the night. When it was time to go a few hours later Ben took off his shirt in the parking lot and Allyson lost her mind when she saw there was an open Ralley’s that had a cheeseburger special. We walked up to the drive through window and she ordered a cheeseburger & fries in between yelling “I’m so draaahnk” to the rest of us. We watched a nice lady get pulled over and searched in the parking lot, which was when the cashier at Ralley’s came out, sat down, lit up a smoke and said that this was his “entertainment for the night”. (c:
We embarked on our trek back to the hotel when we saw that the 24 hour liquor store/fried chicken dispensary was still open!!!! We knew just what to do. We popped in and Allyson got a dessert of a chocolate pie and a MASSIVE slice of fried chicken!
Making the attendant laugh with our lindsanity we left in search of our hotel.

Allyson wanted continued adventures in the closed hotel pool but bailed on the plan when she snuck in and realized the water wasn’t heated.

After that we so tired then we bed.
Fun night off had by all! Remember kids! Take breaks! Have nights off! They fun & funny!!!
Zzzzzzzzz night!




























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