Stay tuned for more tour blogging!

Hey all!
DG are BACK! Blogging again! Writing now from Lawrence Kansas, too tired to really blab hard now here… Buuuut to give you a smidge of a taste of a story I’ve been busy hard boiling a dozen (org cage free) eggs so we have noyce snacks for the road starting tomorrow. Allyson still prefers truck stop hard boiled eggs but she’s dealing (eating) just foyne. Ben forgot his can opener for his hobo road soups, but don’t fret!!! We are currently working on a solution!

Love Ewin
(Bass Slappiste/egg boiler)



One comment

  1. Phil Manley

    Since the baseball season just ended, I’ve had a void in my life. Now I know what can fill this void… THE DIRTY GHOST TOUR BLOG!!! Have a great tour and blog often;)

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