Lawrence KS, Denton TX, Austin TX

Woohoo, blarg entry time!
We drove from Lawrence KS to Austin TX for our first two shows yesterday, with a pit stop on the way overnight in Denton TX. Ben’s buddies in Midlake live there and opened a bar recently called Paschall’s where they greeted us with vino & hot toddies… Twere delish! We stayed at Pulido’s beautiful place where I was delighted to bring Rosco, his Shih Tzu, to snuggle with me in the bed I was sharing with Allyson for the night. When asking Al if this was okay, she started to tiredly reply “not realllllyyy” I interrupted with a firm “THAT’S WHAT’S HAPPENING!!!” and it was settled! Shih Tzu whispering commenced. From Denton we headed straight to KUT at the University of Texas in Austin for a recorded radio segment with Jay Trachtenberg. It was a really fun session, we did four songs and a short interview where Allyson was able to explain why she decided to start a Joan Jett cover band and call it Dirty Ghosts! Allyson had a fan approach her at the end of the radio spot who knew EVERY fact in the world, and he relayed as many of them as he possibly could in their short conversation, most which pertained to the history of Canadian transportation systems… Thanks buddy!
We played Beerland last night with Foreign Mothers which was really fun, particularly when Ben fell off the stage TWICE mid song due to the ingenious gap installed between the stage and the wall (#smart). Minus the 10 seconds of silence mid song, Tutts missed nary a beat!! Way to go Tuttster! This was our second show with the Foreign Mothers from Austin – they’re rad, if you’re able to catch em check out their tight rhythm sectional vibes!
Biggest highlight of the night was being told by two separate people that we were “actually good”. First topic in today’s van ride band meeting was “but how can we become actually better?” Second order of business was “should we get joint band body piercings and tinted violet contact lenses at this Oklahoma truck stop?”. Come see us live in concert for the answer to that one guys!
Today we are driving back to Steve Squier’s pad in Lawrence. We discovered that there’s a few In n Out Burgers in Texas so we rerouted our entire drive to hit the one in Fort Worth. I had freshly warmed up my palate with two McD hashbrowns & a bag of Uncle Ray’s ‘beyond good’ ripple chips, so Al n I split a fresh order of animal style fries and protein style grilled cheeses! #pigs. We let Ben have his order of plain fries when the animals (Al n I) had finished our feed session.
We are due to arrive in Lawrence around 9:30pm where Ben will be performing his demo of his slap bass side project (King Tut & his Brave Slapping) on my bass for the rest of us. Check out his kick ass verj of ‘Killing in the Name of’ debuting on YouTube & Go Pro next week!
Next gig is election night in Iowa City! It will literally be party time, hey now!! Party for your right night! Stay tewned!!

Sincerely reporting from the ruff road of LIFE,
Obie Wan KaDermzies
















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