Chicago & Lawrence – end of tour last post )c:

AAAAGGGHHHH! It’s all over! We’re heading back to the Gay Bay today, yay! But that means tour is over, therefore so is blog for now. )c: (sad Ziggy).
We drove all day Sunday from our comfy food-encased Baker fam nest in Toronto to Chicago. Chicago is the best. It is NOT Shitcago, as some idiots refer to it. We played Schuba’s with an awesome two piece called The Hecks.
Allyson’s moynd was positively blown by the guitar player’s mad skillage! Nice guys too. Our brother in blogging, Joel, from SYFFAL came to the gig, as well as Allyson’s old buddy from high school Sonya. The very friendly band Flyover State played too, and it was cool to find out that they were a band who met on Craigslit (.org). Their drummer fist bumped me and told me after our set that I was “noodlefingers on the fuckin bass!” so I felt I had really conveyed my message via my slap skills that night.
After a nice post show catchup sesh with our buddies, we went back to Joel’s buddy Marco’s pad to zzzz through the night. Garberator ® needed a Chicago style slice on the way home, so we stopped in at Chicago Pizza. She picked up a spinach deep dish slice, which she promptly burned the skin off the roof of her mouth eating!!! #eatingetiquette
We got back to Marco’s in the meat packing district late, Ben got a nice underappreciated late night bongo session out of his system and we hit the sack. Two nice grey sister kitties kept us company.

The drive to Lawrence KS for our last show last night was about nine hours, so we got up early. First stop outta town was Intelligentsia for some coffee & some cool beans. A very long drive later we got to the Bottleneck and set up for our gig with Steve’s (Wally’s Dad!) band Major Games (twitter: @majorgames) and other #LFK locals Black on Black. The Bottleneck is an old Lawrence venue, complete with 90s era 8×10 glossies all over the walls. We had a great last show of tour, Steve said that when he squinted I looked like Cliff Burton playing bass from afar, which was the best compliment I had received ever in my life!!!!… Obviously not including Noodlefingerz™, duh. Allyson was super on pointe on stage cuz she discovered the bar served her favorite Froot Loops flaved vodka, #mmmm.
Ben was in fine form, and we played a fast & furious emotionally charged rager of a set, and wrapped it up before the club’s ‘Emo Karaoke’ night took the stage, but not before a fan bought a cd by writing us a check (old timey grocery store style!!)
We hit the Taproom around the corner for some drinks & hangs with Tuttle’s old pals Wade, Nish, Danny, Doug, Jeremy, Steve Squire™, and our awesome bartender RJ!
None of us got “facked up beyond barf belief” and we headed back to Steve & Bigitt’s for our last night of tour. Wally was still alive when we arfrived so Ben introduced him to the chocolate vaporizer (kidding!!).
I went to bed early but I heard there was a #piggish late night triple pizza delivery and I’m fairly sure Allyson’s stomach noises woke me up at least twice during the night!! #Ew
Now we are all lingering about, snacking, packing, eating, gabbing, grazing, feed trough emptying and winding down for our flight back home to San Francisco, ye old towny city by the bay. We have a stop in Vegas so I expect to gamble my band earnings on a Wheel of Fortune or two, Ben will probably get a veggie burger at BK (or maybe a ‘barf sandwich’ from Subway, his new fave) & Al will probably get a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Black Forest Cake Ultimate Mocha Ice Blended 1000 calorie drink.
Our ‘Food & Feed Tour Fall 2012™’ was all in all a success!
Thanks to our booker Annie Southworth and all da pals that put us up & came to da gigz! We will ACTUALLY miss you!

We are playing some shows with the Zig Zags from LA at the end of this month… If you’re in the Bay come to the Elbo Room Friday Nov 30 for a taste of our world music loop infused reggae drek!

Byeeeee for now!
Xo Erin ‘Noodlefingerz™’ McCliffBarBurton



























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