The Snackening™ – Lawrence KS/Chicago IL/Detroit MI 

Ok, now we reach the Midwest  portion of our tour… Where, as Andrew says, his “blood became replaced with butter” & “everybody’s face looks like it’s off of a wanted poster.”

En route to Lawrence to keep up with said oil based pace we immediately embarked upon what we could only term “The Snackening”. It “began” with my purchase of a Canada inspired snack  of All Dressed Ruffles (3rd bag of potato chips that day to enter van) and “continued” with me finding Andrew & Allyson annihilating a piece of fried chicken made by one of the finest chefs in the land, the gas station attendant, aka the “birdista”. Rolling into the Replay Lounge about 20 mins later, first stop clearly had to be ice cream (cause calories). We shared a satisfying large cone-buckling cone of “Epic Mint” – (mint ice cream with chocolate chips, brownies & cookie dough). Feeling great & unrepentant after this we proceeded to the club to play. Opening was Mr & the Mrs. At a dangerously sober juncture midset their drummer stopped playing (while the guitarist continued) to urgently run to the bar and order herself a shot of Jameson, slammed it, then went back to performing. Classic move… We all noted it duly!! 

Moving along, next stop was Chicago. Andrew ate three burgers that day (varying quality) from McDonald’s to Culver’s to the Empty Bottle – all unavoidable. Our tour mom Renée got into town that eve where she reunited with her high school boyfriend at our show. After a 25 year gap they discovered a new found common ground… That they are both gay! They both said bye to their teams! Also classic. To counteract the gas station heavy heat lamp diet we all stayed at Renée’s hotel downtown where a necessary “Brie-down” happened at the cool hungry hour of 3am. Five artisinal cheeses later (featuring truffles & $8 crackers) we slumbered. Andrew’s sleeping & wheezing “brie-thing” now a mild concern. Before we left town we went to Pequod’s for some crazy ass panned ‘za which can only be described as “a fleurry of waist-doublage”. 

Next up Detrizzle. So many poor van food choices later (eating the recently acquired leftovers) we arrived at the Lager House. My dog Teddy was pretty pumped to happily run around the Robocopian landscape surrounding the venue, wherein he made many a friend via his adorability! We had a pretty fun set where we had yet another encounter with the sound guy (see old Detroit blog entry) in which Allyson got shocked by the mic first syllable of first song… Thought she was bleeding due to the blue sparks! So she had that going for her. Then there was an on stage debate about whether or not Andrew should turn his drums around and play facing the wall Blair Witch style because they were too loud 🙂 Needless to say the mood was (in)tense(ly laughable)!

Now we’re crankin up the April Vino (that’s Italian for Wine), lighting the patio lanterns, Rollin a bone or deux & we’re gonna go for a soda now that we’ve entered Canada, our home and native land… Beauty eh!?





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