No refunds! Canada, New York & Philly… Or from Toronto to Pompeii… If you will. 

Toronto, Ontario. Aka T Dot, aka 6IX, aka the T Dizzle, aka Turonno… Home to the Baker family, Andrew Mosinski (aka the Zinsk) and Snow (aka Informer)! First stop, the Baker household of Forest Hill & a swift pillaging of the infamous “snack drawer” (see photo & previous Toronto blog posts to read up on this glorious food heaven). Upon arrival show at the Hoxton we were greeted by our old pal Ewan Exall as well as our friends & families. This was Teddy’s last night on the road with us and he really arffed it up with all the bands in the green room – most definitely the most popular (only) dog in the venue that evening! 🐶! Afterwards I took off with my Dad and some friends to our pal Katie’s awesome bar in Kensington, Thirsty & Miserable. After a severe, heavy & loud April Wine listening session coupled with a fine smorgasvein of brews, twas time for bed. 
Off to Canada’s capital, and my hometown, Ottawa! We played a fun in store show at The Record Center, where we succeeded in making at least one infant cry with our brand of music & volume (woohoo!). Allyson and I split off to do an interview at the CBC where we scoured the joint for free shwag but left sadly… Without even a mug! Or any heavily-discounted Ghomeshi merch… Which turns out is a good thing! While Al n I were interviewed, Renée & Andrew frolicked off to the market for some Beavertails™… Cause up next was dinner! The four of us made our way to So Good in Chinatown for one of my favorite meals of all time… 2 orders of Wu Se vegetables, salt & pepper tofu, deep fried sweetheart eggplants, hot & sour soup, coupled with some meat dishes of Singapore style vermicelli & an entire steamed halibut. We had to order so much as we were a total of FOUR people. A classic happy stomach ache later we arrived at our gig at the Dominion Tavern, conveniently located beside a poutine truck (it’s called strategic meal plan gigging -SMPG… We wrote the book on it). Our bud Dave Aardvark put on a fun show for us, old friends & family came oot and then it was time for a food coma to set in for the noyte. (Zzzzz 😴)

After dropping off my big boy Ted-Dawg at my Mom’s place it was time to head back to the US of F-n A!! We drove to the nearby town of Ogdensburg New York to do some essentials shopping at Walmart with my Mom, and for a farewell coffee & Timbits™ box at the bizarro-world of what is known as an American Tim Horton’s franchise.  

We rolled into our first of six NYC gigs at Passenger Bar Wednesday night. Turns out New York is a pretty happening spot! Al & I stayed with her brother in Chelsea, whereas Andrew embarked on a multi-pronged attack on the city’s pizzerias (including a 24 hr stretch featuring, but not limited to, 5 different pizza stops). Our great old buddy Eric Davidson showed up for a few of our gigs and an interview, we played 3 shows with fellow Canuck(s) Michael Rault, learned about the fine art of shirtless bartending @ Lady Jay’s, oh and had the best time of all time with Spag, Eric & Handsome Dick Manitoba at Manitoba’s on Avenue B… As is tradition. Our friend Esther noticed that we’ve been withering away on tour so she baked us a loaf of banana bread… Which quickly became our beloved fourth band member on stage. Before we ate him. On our way out of town we hit the Donut Plant where we purchased FIVE donuts. No regets… No refunds… Zero health.  There’s a REASON why CJ wrote a song about the city… Aptly titled New York City!

Off to Philadelphia, one of our funnest stops so far! We played a day show at Beautiful World Syndicate with the Cave Women & the Residuels… Both great Philly bands. In the audience was fellow Toronto legend Freddy Pompeii of the Viletones… Noyce. Quick stop at Geno’s & Pat’s for food blitz unnecessarity, then we went to our hotel. Later on we had some margs (that’s a time saving abbreve for  margaritas), some chips, multiple salsas, then some zzzz’s! And that’s a wrap Philly! (Note: wrap, not cheesesteak).
Cleveland be next stop… More on that in our next blog post! 😀
























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