Chicago & Lawrence – end of tour last post )c:

AAAAGGGHHHH! It’s all over! We’re heading back to the Gay Bay today, yay! But that means tour is over, therefore so is blog for now. )c: (sad Ziggy).
We drove all day Sunday from our comfy food-encased Baker fam nest in Toronto to Chicago. Chicago is the best. It is NOT Shitcago, as some idiots refer to it. We played Schuba’s with an awesome two piece called The Hecks.
Allyson’s moynd was positively blown by the guitar player’s mad skillage! Nice guys too. Our brother in blogging, Joel, from SYFFAL came to the gig, as well as Allyson’s old buddy from high school Sonya. The very friendly band Flyover State played too, and it was cool to find out that they were a band who met on Craigslit (.org). Their drummer fist bumped me and told me after our set that I was “noodlefingers on the fuckin bass!” so I felt I had really conveyed my message via my slap skills that night.
After a nice post show catchup sesh with our buddies, we went back to Joel’s buddy Marco’s pad to zzzz through the night. Garberator ® needed a Chicago style slice on the way home, so we stopped in at Chicago Pizza. She picked up a spinach deep dish slice, which she promptly burned the skin off the roof of her mouth eating!!! #eatingetiquette
We got back to Marco’s in the meat packing district late, Ben got a nice underappreciated late night bongo session out of his system and we hit the sack. Two nice grey sister kitties kept us company.

The drive to Lawrence KS for our last show last night was about nine hours, so we got up early. First stop outta town was Intelligentsia for some coffee & some cool beans. A very long drive later we got to the Bottleneck and set up for our gig with Steve’s (Wally’s Dad!) band Major Games (twitter: @majorgames) and other #LFK locals Black on Black. The Bottleneck is an old Lawrence venue, complete with 90s era 8×10 glossies all over the walls. We had a great last show of tour, Steve said that when he squinted I looked like Cliff Burton playing bass from afar, which was the best compliment I had received ever in my life!!!!… Obviously not including Noodlefingerz™, duh. Allyson was super on pointe on stage cuz she discovered the bar served her favorite Froot Loops flaved vodka, #mmmm.
Ben was in fine form, and we played a fast & furious emotionally charged rager of a set, and wrapped it up before the club’s ‘Emo Karaoke’ night took the stage, but not before a fan bought a cd by writing us a check (old timey grocery store style!!)
We hit the Taproom around the corner for some drinks & hangs with Tuttle’s old pals Wade, Nish, Danny, Doug, Jeremy, Steve Squire™, and our awesome bartender RJ!
None of us got “facked up beyond barf belief” and we headed back to Steve & Bigitt’s for our last night of tour. Wally was still alive when we arfrived so Ben introduced him to the chocolate vaporizer (kidding!!).
I went to bed early but I heard there was a #piggish late night triple pizza delivery and I’m fairly sure Allyson’s stomach noises woke me up at least twice during the night!! #Ew
Now we are all lingering about, snacking, packing, eating, gabbing, grazing, feed trough emptying and winding down for our flight back home to San Francisco, ye old towny city by the bay. We have a stop in Vegas so I expect to gamble my band earnings on a Wheel of Fortune or two, Ben will probably get a veggie burger at BK (or maybe a ‘barf sandwich’ from Subway, his new fave) & Al will probably get a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Black Forest Cake Ultimate Mocha Ice Blended 1000 calorie drink.
Our ‘Food & Feed Tour Fall 2012™’ was all in all a success!
Thanks to our booker Annie Southworth and all da pals that put us up & came to da gigz! We will ACTUALLY miss you!

We are playing some shows with the Zig Zags from LA at the end of this month… If you’re in the Bay come to the Elbo Room Friday Nov 30 for a taste of our world music loop infused reggae drek!

Byeeeee for now!
Xo Erin ‘Noodlefingerz™’ McCliffBarBurton


























Indianapolis, Detroit, Toronto & Hamilton!

Hullo hullo!

Greetings from the I-80 W in Indiana!
We have been busy gigging around North ‘Merica, eh? Since our last entry we’ve played Indianapolis, Detroit, Tronnow & Hamilton. Tonight is Chicago.

Beginning chronologically, Indianapolis was a really fun show at the White Rabbit. Jacob was our host that set up the show. Jerome & the Psychics (from Brazil… & also Indiana) opened the show with a fun garagey set. The keyboard player set her keyboard up on two garbage cans which distracted Allyson because she kept wondering what the story was with all the food scraps in the garbage (Al is aka The Garberator®).
DMA closed the night off with an awesome and unique set – a really sweet band with a jammy rock vibe as well as loops & heavy effexxx. Czech em out!
We had a pre-booked hotel on the outskirts of town which we barreled off to post gig…
Ummm, please never stay at the Rodeway Inn off Shadeland in Indianapolis!!!!! The entire band agreed it was the hands down vilest hotel we’d collectively ever stayed in! From the stained chairs, foul reek in the air, the non-fitted sheets above the bare mattresses, to the abandoned mid lobby indoor pool & screaming high pitched progressively louder tv ringing noise, we opted to sleep above the sheets in double layered clothing to avoid potential bedbug medication expenses the next morning.
Thursday morning we were up early and could not get out of that hotel and on the road fast enough off to Detroit.

Our show was booked at the Lager House, where the last time we played there we had arrived at 8pm for a soundcheck that never happened, were put on 4th of 4 bands at 1am and told we had to hurry up and cut our set to 15 mins so the bar could close up in time. Needless to say, we weren’t in a huge rush! We were rolling at a leisurely and civilized pace, getting into our (comparatively five star) Dearborn Red Roof Inn in the early evening.
Ben decided to kick it in the hotel room, while Garberator® & I went in search for food. We had a nice meal and stopped by Miller’s Bar, a place we stopped at cause its sign was so cool. It was a super old timey bar & restaurant packed with post-work locals.
We headed to the Lager House and met the opening band, Bop Shop, who were kind enough to lend us some gear. They were a quirky art jazz five piece band ala Zappa/Zorn, complete with sax & music stands. There was a couple of bar dogs roaming around the venue that night, one of them was taken with the reflection of the guitar player’s pick guard on the floor, and put on his own show just chasing the reflection at the front of the stage.
Third band canceled, and we were up next. My good old buddy Tony Lima from London, Ontario had made the two hour drive to see us which was really nice, so we tried to put on a non-lackluster show! We hit up a McDonalds for a 2am cone for Garberator®, then it was off to bed!

Up next – Toronto on a Friday! Both Al & I previously lived in Tronnow, Al having grown up there, so we had a lot of friends and family to catch up with. Tutts, who is a psycho Rush fan, was lapping up his Caress of Steel & Exit Stage Left albs the entire Canadian portion of the tour. We got to the Baker residence late afternoon and we all #pigged super hard on the bountiful cupboards of Al’s parents’ kitchen. By bountiful I’m talking triple mega Costco sized Ruffles, french ‘nion dip, four tubs of hummus, three separate bags of different types of bagels (including smashed bagels: FLAGELS!), salad, olives, pickles, M&M’s™, veggie slices, peppermint bark, red wine, fruit baskets, Perrier, lox & cream cheese and other stuff I’m forgetting about!
We canceled the Toronto show and all died of food comas promptly after arrival. For real!
Then we headed to Parts & Labour for our show with Two Koreas, Nick Flanagan & The Men. I popped by my greatest old bud Katie’s new bar Thirsty & Miserable in Kensington Market where I got the a-list treatment from Kawie & her buddy Heather.
My Dad & I met for dinner down the street from the club & shared a large oversized plate of poutine with garlic cheese curds & mushroom gravy that we couldn’t finish. I packed up the leftovers for later inhalation by Allyson, then it was off to play gig live in concert! Our show was super fun, many faces from days of yore were present, including high school pals (Rohit, Erica, The Gans brothers, Adam Wygodny), as well as old bros Ben Playford, Jamie Rapkin, Max n’ Paulie, Mark Jarett, Sean Dean, Trevor Shaikin, Nick Sewell, D MAN, Marco plus also family (my Dad & Al’s folks!). Our old buddy Pesci (Mark Rodenhizer) set up the show and it was super fun filled & packed (thanks!!).

Our show the next night was about an hour away in Hamilton so we used Al’s folks’ place as our home base for the 2 days. Now I have stayed at the Baker residence many times over the years, and I’ve always wanted to do an exposé on their particular style of art collecting. I will be doing that right now with this new found blog power currently coursing through my blog related ego-maniacal veins.
I won’t qualify the art as “good” or “bad”, but I’ll provide a few neutral yet descriptive “adjectives”…
Colorful. 80’s tinged. Mardi Gras-esque. Zydeco. Beetlejuice. Canadiana, Spherical. Floridian. “Futuristic”. Zany. Golf related?
That will conclude the text portion of the Baker art part of this blog entry… Please scroll down post blarg text to peruse the heavily documented photos.

Ok ok ok, so our show last night was in Hamilton – not too far from Tee Dot. We spent the aft catching up with comedian Nick Flanagan, and metal maniacs D MAN & Katie Whittaker. Several overeating sessions later we moseyed on down to our Casbah show in Hamilton. Brody the booker kindly put us on the bill last minute and gave us awesome treatment (TWELVE drink tix!).
A neato two piece band called Mediocre opened up the show. The singer Sam prefaced their set by dedicating it to the guy who committed suicide by jumping in front of the train he was riding to the show. He also dedicated it to his father that had died that day. (…Eleven years ago).
He proceeded to perform shirtlessly, and later on, pantslessly, & the room had a particularly distinct scent while they were on stage. They did an acapella verj of Michael Jackson’s ‘She’s out of My Life’, a song about sodomy and some slam poetry!!! Take that WORLD!!
We took the stage next and had a fun punk set on the floor. Really nice crowd and staff, even had a pit for a few of our songs! Ben & I furiously blazed through our excess drink tix, and Allyson squired us down the QEW back to our Beetlejuicey digs.
Today there was a sad goodbye to the Baker family pet, Stolie the Golden Retriever. She’d been following me around while I was packing my suitcase, so I stopped to give her some attention before we left… she immediately gave me her paw to shake (Awwww! 🐶💕🐾👅) and I told her she was a really good Arf-Arf and I’d be back someday for more ball throws & paw shakes.

Fast forward to today! We drove from Toronto, home of Barenaked Ladies, all the way to Chicago, home of Da Brat!
We’re kicking around Schuba’s about to place our pick up order at Chicago Diner, before using our meal tickets for a full 2nd meal at this venue (#pigthemedtouring).

Yes, I slapped the bass really hard, but so far haven’t broken a flat wound. Yes, Allyson has eaten countless piles of more garbage (duh). No, Ben hasn’t forgiven himself re his attempted dog murder last week in KS, but the chickens are #pigging home to roost in Lawrence tomorrow, more mesmerizing blogging then!

Til then fwiendz!!

Xo Filet O’ Flerms









































Yikes! Lawrence KS: SCVU (Special Canine Victim’s Unit), Iowa City IA, election night giggery!

Howdy from da road!
Currently we are blaring on down I-74 East blasting early era Ministry as we are known to do. Gettin all geared up for our gig at the White Rabbit in Indianapolis tonight.
Allyson & I awoke yesterday at Steve & Bridgette’s pad in Lawrence KS to some shocking and disturbing news. Ben went on a murderous rampage the night before and attacked their one year old rescue doggie Wally! Just joking. Wally had snuck into Ben’s luggage and inhaled four adult chocolate chip cookies causing panic and some major barfage. Wally kept them up most of the night, and after throwing up for a while collapsed paralyzed, essentially in a k-hole. By morning Wally was on the mend, we turned Ben in to authorities, and are doing the rest of the tour with a drum machine. Seriously!
No really, the three of us hit the road towards Iowa City where we were booked at Gabe’s. Since Ben’s pops & stepmom live in Des Moines so dropped Ben off at Perkins Family Restaurant™ for lunch, and Al n I killed time at the Merle Hay Mall. Two full new Hot Topic wardrobes later, we picked up Ben. When we met Tuttle’s family his Dad Steve said goodbye to Al & I with an accurate “Bye Ethel! Bye Adrienne!”. Up next, Iowa City!

Our Iowa City show had only recently been confirmed so we were pleasantly surprised by the A-1 treatment we got from Joe Derderian & Doug Roberson who hooked us up with the awesome show at Gabe’s. There were two local bands, Acoustic Guillotine & Tanks on the bill, as well as Baltimore’s Room Runner. Our nice bartender Seth fixed me up with a delectable Hennessy & tap OJ with a splash of sodie. The mood was spirited and mildly tense as the room was anticipating a win for the ‘Bamanator ©. Allyson was so literally spirited that she ordered not one but TWO shots of tequila, which would lead her to feel Wally’s pain from the previous night – more on that later. Not an intellectual decision eh?!
The highlight of the set was Tanks. A local band that only play about once a year, they had a dedicated following pumped for them to play. They sounded like Jesus Lizard with a splash of Cypress Hill, a fresh mix. The singer wore a cat in the hat style rasta hat with long black Al Jorgensen style dreads attached. He played barefoot so the visuals smoked! The smoke machine smoked! There was a nice sample played at the end of every jam of a dude jazzily singing the words “smoke weed everyday” followed by a screaming loud heavy bong rip noise. 😎.
We headed back to the hotel in Coralville Iowa. We stayed at the fiercely patriotic Heartland Inn, which prominently displayed a larger than life Hawk dressed up as Lady Liberty Statue out front. (See pic)
We scarfed down our leftover Thai food and crashed almost immediately.
I awoke up around 5am to hear Allyson shuffling about, later on to find out that she was actually just vomiting about.
6am rolled around to a cool car alarm GOING OFF AT VOLUME EIGHT MILLION which was nice. At about two minutes in I peaked out the hotel window out of mild van safety concern to discover an elderly man standing behind the alarm tripped car right outside our window just staring at his keys, then at his car, then back at his keys. He eventually figured it out, so we had that going for us.
We slept in for another few hours and then Allyson forced a hotel maid to give her two donuts, then later asked for a bagel. Then a banana for health (#classy).
Then we leisurely made our way onto ye old dusty highway headed for Indiana, home state of Izzy Stradlin, #1 Kewl Dewd.

What cool new tales will we have for you tomorrow? Will Allyson scarf many more piles of garbage food? Will I slappa da bass so hard that one of my strings will break? Will Ben ever forgive himself for killing* Wally?
Stay tewned fwiends!


Yassur Erinfat

* killing = not ACTUALLY™ killing






















Lawrence KS, Denton TX, Austin TX

Woohoo, blarg entry time!
We drove from Lawrence KS to Austin TX for our first two shows yesterday, with a pit stop on the way overnight in Denton TX. Ben’s buddies in Midlake live there and opened a bar recently called Paschall’s where they greeted us with vino & hot toddies… Twere delish! We stayed at Pulido’s beautiful place where I was delighted to bring Rosco, his Shih Tzu, to snuggle with me in the bed I was sharing with Allyson for the night. When asking Al if this was okay, she started to tiredly reply “not realllllyyy” I interrupted with a firm “THAT’S WHAT’S HAPPENING!!!” and it was settled! Shih Tzu whispering commenced. From Denton we headed straight to KUT at the University of Texas in Austin for a recorded radio segment with Jay Trachtenberg. It was a really fun session, we did four songs and a short interview where Allyson was able to explain why she decided to start a Joan Jett cover band and call it Dirty Ghosts! Allyson had a fan approach her at the end of the radio spot who knew EVERY fact in the world, and he relayed as many of them as he possibly could in their short conversation, most which pertained to the history of Canadian transportation systems… Thanks buddy!
We played Beerland last night with Foreign Mothers which was really fun, particularly when Ben fell off the stage TWICE mid song due to the ingenious gap installed between the stage and the wall (#smart). Minus the 10 seconds of silence mid song, Tutts missed nary a beat!! Way to go Tuttster! This was our second show with the Foreign Mothers from Austin – they’re rad, if you’re able to catch em check out their tight rhythm sectional vibes!
Biggest highlight of the night was being told by two separate people that we were “actually good”. First topic in today’s van ride band meeting was “but how can we become actually better?” Second order of business was “should we get joint band body piercings and tinted violet contact lenses at this Oklahoma truck stop?”. Come see us live in concert for the answer to that one guys!
Today we are driving back to Steve Squier’s pad in Lawrence. We discovered that there’s a few In n Out Burgers in Texas so we rerouted our entire drive to hit the one in Fort Worth. I had freshly warmed up my palate with two McD hashbrowns & a bag of Uncle Ray’s ‘beyond good’ ripple chips, so Al n I split a fresh order of animal style fries and protein style grilled cheeses! #pigs. We let Ben have his order of plain fries when the animals (Al n I) had finished our feed session.
We are due to arrive in Lawrence around 9:30pm where Ben will be performing his demo of his slap bass side project (King Tut & his Brave Slapping) on my bass for the rest of us. Check out his kick ass verj of ‘Killing in the Name of’ debuting on YouTube & Go Pro next week!
Next gig is election night in Iowa City! It will literally be party time, hey now!! Party for your right night! Stay tewned!!

Sincerely reporting from the ruff road of LIFE,
Obie Wan KaDermzies














Stay tuned for more tour blogging!

Hey all!
DG are BACK! Blogging again! Writing now from Lawrence Kansas, too tired to really blab hard now here… Buuuut to give you a smidge of a taste of a story I’ve been busy hard boiling a dozen (org cage free) eggs so we have noyce snacks for the road starting tomorrow. Allyson still prefers truck stop hard boiled eggs but she’s dealing (eating) just foyne. Ben forgot his can opener for his hobo road soups, but don’t fret!!! We are currently working on a solution!

Love Ewin
(Bass Slappiste/egg boiler)



Have you ever felt like it was inappropriate for Jane’s Addiction to do that STUPID LA song medley? I used to until I realized CALIFORNIA RULES and you just got sing posi vibes about it!
We’re back! Three days back in California and on our way to our last gig in SF, our home…(c:

We are doing our last four gigs with Dante Vs Zombies who are a smokin’ Dante’s Inferno influenced zombie outfit from LA who rule.

We got into LA yesterday morning to do a cool as beans recording session for Kevin at Antiquiet. We did four songs at the Swing House, where they treated us to some killer hippie food and a pro attitude… PLUS PRO GEAR! Woohoo!

Then we hit the towne! By that I mean, Ben & Nick drank C-minuses (Coors Light) in the hills outside Charles Bukowski’s house in the company of dogs, and Allyson & I went shopping for tasteless loud animal print ho clothing!

Then it was GIG TIME. Time for giggin. We had a pleasant soundcheck at the Satellite and hung around the club until Dead Ships went on. We had some Bay Area Represent crew show up and stoke us out. Ursula Boots, John Greenham, Heather Jewett, Ben’s brother Adam Tuttle, Caitlin Mattison & Diane, Matt Koshak… It was super nice to see our hometown buds as well as a pile of others like Bill Badgely of FEDERATION X, Jeanine Haynes & Patrick McCarthy! Snoop, Luda & Dr Octagon were there too.

We had a fun gig with Dead Ships & Dante Vs Zombies and then the crew split up! Nick & Ben went with Ben’s brother to barf & die in a stranger’s hotel room, and Allyson & I followed Dante to an impromptu party in the hills! I danced to Taxman by the Beatles & got hiccups and we all caught up with old pals. When 3am rolled around Al n I were ready for some straight ZZzzzzs! We followed Caitlin & Diane to their sweet pad in Studio City and the three of us slept in Caitlin’s bed, and this morning we were greeted with a nice wake up visit by her ultra cute massive German Shepherd Trebuchet.

Obviously we had to hit In n Out Burger for breakfast and the band all met up again and we hit the road en route for the mean streets of San Francisco. We are about three hours away and pipyamped for our last gig!

Everyone is super amped to be going back to work Monday, and I’m pretty stoked about going to Solana Beach tomorrow to kick back vacay style in a pool by the ocean with a Marg Simpson in my hand!

Shed a tear, pour out some Blue Curaçao®, tis the final USA/Canada Spring 2012 tour blog entry my fwiends.

We’ll be Bach though!
Xo Tits McGee





























Houston, Austin, MURDEROUS HAILSTORM!!¡!, Albuquerque

Hi Blog!

Sorry for the hiatus! Welp, we have been adventuring around the country in a car (minivan) – Allyson particularly loves this mode of travel as you know!

We played Houston last Friday at Walter’s and had our LA transplant pals Jason Moore & Amber take us out for a night on the town! Jason made us amazing cocktails at Downhouse where he works, causing Ben to say “THESE ARE THE BEST MF-IN DRANKS I’VE EVER DRUNK IN
MA WHOLE ENTOYRE LOYYYYFE!” in a yelly voice. Chill dude! But yep, the dranks were amazing.
Off to Austin where Ben was pipyamped to skate his face off – which he did, not without dodging at least 55 different children on a half pipe, plus falling. 😐
We played at Beerland with a sweet band called Foreign Mothers who kinda sounded like the Delta 5, and got our posi vibes on!
Allyson & I left the show to check out Allan from !!! DJin’ but upon sussing that it was a dancers only scene, we opted to go eat quesadillas & tacos immediately upon arrival (1:30am… :|)
We stayed at Nick’s pals Marc Bianchi & Gabriel’s place and were cooked an amazing breakfast by them. They were also kind enough to send us on our way with a tupperware™ filled to the brim with choc chip cooks so we were super less hungry!

Off to Albuquerque – a twelve hour drive with a night off to do it. Yay! Night off! Breaks! Zzzzzing!!! We were pumped, researching Lubbock TX sports/piano/dive bars to visit, as well as planning some Buddy Holly tourist stops. Unfortunately we would not do any of this… The sea was angry that day! The sea in the sky! About thirty minutes outside Lubbock we noticed some pretty heavy lightning & thunder up ahead, but no rain. From seemingly out of nowhere hail starting pouring down. We pulled over, and within seconds of the first hail stone hitting, we started getting WHUPPED FOR SERIOUS by massive hailstones the size of soft balls (the sport kind)! Our windshield started cracking and then MAJORLY got taken out by the stones. Twas facking terrifying & so strange..?! Some quick and straight up miraculous manoeuvring led us through a ditch, over the highway and into a metal covered carport of a private residence. The hail & lightning storm surrounding us continued for another hour or so. In that time we noticed our back window had been completely blown out (didn’t exist) and became concerned our gear had flown out. The vodka & cigs were still there do we knew we were fine. When the storm calmed down we inspected our stuff and luckily it was all there. We covered our stuff with Ben’s drum rug from Slim, and drove with our hazards on into Lubbock with a brutally smashed windshield. We checked into the Radisson® around 12:30am, glass shards & all. The clerk came out and saw our totaled van and took pity on us. We were assigned room 602, which happened to be attached to room 604… The Buddy Holly Suite! Armed with Svedka, lemonade & ice, I got behind the Buddy Holly bar to make some classy styrofoam cup cocktails to celebrate our health, safety & not dying, and we kicked back and breathed sighs of pipyamped relief.
Next day we swapped out vans from the rental company and hit the road for ‘Querque! We checked the weather systems and no freak storms were scheduled dead immediately in front of us so we felt mildly ok about the drive.

Last night we had a great show even though our turnout was definitely affected the competing Weird Al show down the street, but we made the most of it! There was a hot dog stand outside and when I asked if there were veggie dogs the owner said “No but I can throw a cheese string down instead of a dog – you can still eat all the condiments!” …a deal was struck ($3) and we all partook in this krauty delicacy. Shittily, Weird Al & Breaking Bad folk didn’t show up despite our twitter invites, but since we sold lots of merch & weren’t dead, we were still stoked.
Currently, we are frappin la rue to Phoenix AZ where we expect to buy even more Richie Sambora-esque silver & turquoise flare for our cool stage look, and hopefully rub elbs with Jimmy Eat Woyld.

Namaste guys,

Erin “Spaceballz Pelting from Hell Survivor” McDermott