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Dirty Ghosts “NO REFUNDS Fall 2K15” Tour Blog reinstatement: Day 1 – Denver, Colorado.

Doth thy know wherest said band name “Dirty Ghosts” origines from?  Well if you didn’t catch the answer to the same $45 (CDN) question on last night’s Canadian Jeopardy, the answer (not in question form, CRTC laws) is a Norm MacDonald joke! On an old Letterman appearance, Normy (fellow Ottawan) was referencing the ‘comet chasing via suicide’ cult the Raëlians (who succeeded in the suicide part) saying something like “Now I can’t ever watch a comet go by without imagining a bunch of dirty ghosts trailing behind it!” Old Torontonian friends of ours, Andrew, Dave, Flanagan & Carson thought this joke was funny enough to name their high school band after. Two live gigs later that hot act broke up. 

Fa(s)t Fwd to decades later present day times… Allyson and I felt the name fitting enough to lift for our own. And here we are, the Ladies’ Ghost, if you will, in need of yet another drummer for our Spinal Tap themed touring drummer issue. Who wants in?! Why it’s Andrew Mosinski! Original Norm joke loving OG Dirty Ghosts member!! So last week he flew over to SF via T.Dot for an INTENSE pre-tour practice schedule. What ensued was endless eating, complaining, burrito wolf-seshes, a Tragically Hip show (!), pizza slams, a low impact song run through, donut comparison via eating, and perhaps about 400 cocktails… And that was just Andrew! 

So what next made the most sense was to rent a van and begin the tour 20 hours outside San Francisco, over in Denver, CO! After a fun Facebook check-in at a brothel in Winnemucca, NV, we arrived promptly at Moe’s BBQ in Denver! Our buddy Danny Sax booked the show and gave us a warm welcome with BBQ & drink which was DEFINITELY the way to Andrew’s heart. This was our 2nd gig at Moe’s (and 2nd touring drummer) and although the turnout was light (long way to the top) the vibes were noyce! Future Single Mom opened up the show with a great set, and post gig I convinced band members Maureen & Bennett to watch my dog Teddy whilst we loaded out. Oh, BTW, I brought our band manager, my Shih Tzu Teddy, along for the beginning of this tour!.. For his cool managing skills… They’re not ruff! Arf you kidding me? Danny set us up at his place where we had the pleasure of meeting his tortoise Pushkin, gabbing, and sleeping comfortably. 

First gig down, we are feeling good, partaking in an ungodly sodium intake, van weight lifting (women only… For exercise… For health!), Longmont Potion Castle referencing, documenting a terrifying food consumption log, blasting many a Killdozer & Ministry marathons, and getting revved for our gig at the Replay in Lawrence Kansas tonight!

How many songs will we play this eve?? Tune in here tomorrow for the crazy  boring answer!!

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